Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Style portrait interview Number One

Marc T from Style Facts

The Robot Portrait:

Name: Marc T
Birthday: May 1958
Horoscope: Taurus
Place of birth: Antwerp, Belgium
Place of living: Tel Aviv
Studies: Social anthropology at the Metropolitan University in London, United kingdom and Costume and Fashion history at The Royal Academy of Arts and Design In Antwerp, Belgium.
Occupation: being extremely busy with doing what I like.
Most favorite occupation:  Only doing what I like.

The Fact portrait:

What makes a person stylish?
Having a strong personality and refusing facility. Style is matter of little personal details making big differences.

What is the difference between style and fashion?
Fashion is design. Fashion is the result of what was created yesterday with the vision of tomorrow. The fashion process is fast and therefore fugitive and volatile. Style is a statement, a point of view and is  more consistent in time. Style reflects an inner personality rather than a temporary concept. High fashion is the immortalization of style, this is why we do recognize the great designers.

Who has the most distinctive style, dead or alive?
Impossible to mention only one person, but I do not think there are many more: Oscar Wilde, Coco Chanel, Jacques Fath, Marcello Mastroianni, Karl Lagerfeld... Sir Cecil Beaton was pretty stylish too.

How can one become a fashion victim?
fashion is an illusion if you are expecting it will embellish you. I saw so many persons wearing great fashion in such a wrong way that it became almost a joke if not pathetic. Wearing wrong clothes is like a failed plastic surgery. Being well dressed has nothing to do with hunting labels.

Who is or are your favorite designers and why?
Coco Chanel for making women real women by liberating them, Cristobal Balenciaga, Jacques Fath and Christian Dior for their absolute perfection, Karl Lagerfeld for his vision and Vivienne Westwood for being constantly one step before the others.

Would you ever shoplift an item that you just had to have?
Absolutely never, but I would love to empty every shop selling fakes and copies to burn it in public.

What is your favorite phrase?
The secret behind creation is to open your eyes; from Karl Lagerfeld.

What is your favorite artwork?
Hard to say, I love many. Maybe Marcel Duchamp's Naked Figure coming down from staircase. I also love his ready mades. The Dada period and the Arendberg Circle in New York are still impressing me.

Who is your favorite artist?
Again hard to say. in fact I like every artist who has something to tell and is not only dealing with the boring and sinple fact of making beautiful things to please. I like statement and points of view. I will list Picasso, Keith Harring, Jean-Michel Basquiat...I love pretty much underground guys!

What is your favorite color?
Black! Black is not a color it is an emotion. Black brings back to the essentials a bit like a shadow in a photograph or a break in a music piece. Black is like silence, is forbidden, attractive and sensual., mysterious and erotic, it is a strong symbol of personality and power.

What period costume would you most like to wear?
My ideal is an 18th century costume.

What is for you a Little Black Dress?
The most feminine dress and sexiest ever created. The LBD is an absolute tribute to women.

Stylistically, what is your favorite movie?
The 1932 Frank Capra's It Happens One Night and Blow Up from Antonioni.

Who is your favorite photographer?
Georges Platt Lynes, Horst P Horst, Irving Penn, Cecil Beaton and Robert Mapplethorpe.

What is your greatest weakness when it comes to clothing?
Reaching harmony I'am never satisfied and this not only in clothing.

What is your most prized possession?
Being able to create projects. Creativity helps a lot in life!

What project do you like the most in fashion and style world?
Everyone who is into avant-garde. The avant-garde is tomorrow's vision in fashion. Designers with strong statements.  I like very much personalities like  Diane Pernet or Ike Ude. Both have such a strong personality and great projects.