Thursday, 21 July 2011

A story behind a photograph

This portrait from Martin Degville, lead singer from the in London based New Wave band Sigue Sigue Spoutnik and friend of Boy George was shot in London. Martin sat in a pub smoking a fag. I liked the big mirror behind reflecting the light in his hair. The picture was refused by The Face Magazine for being to gentle, The Dutch magazine Backstage Music took the photograph on the cover.  photo: Marc T 1984.
Philip Glass was in London for a concert.  After the rehearsals we decided to go out for dinner in town. Philip came to my flat, knocked on the door. I was late and  still under the shower, I didn't hear him. After ten or fifteen minutes, or so,  I opened the door and saw Philip waiting for me. I just told him don't move, took my camera, at that time  I used  a heavy Nikon F2 with a 4 or 5 pics/sec motor drive ,  and made the photograph.   The light in the photograph came from a small light bulb just above his head. This was  my second cover for Backstage Music magazine and a double central page in The Face Magazine. photo; Marc T 1982.
Skinny Puppy was a  electro-industrial rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada founded in 1982. I found the three of them waiting outside the open air festival Seaside in Belgium. I found this composition typical for the dark new romanticism of that period. The photograph was published in The Face magazine in 1984. photo: Marc T 1984.


  1. Your last photo story has to be wrong. Skinny Puppy never played in Belgium in 1984; Dwayne Goettel didn't even meet the band until the end of 1985.

    [Maybe you meant the Futurama Festival in Brielpoort, Deinze, Belgium on 5 October 1986?]

  2. House in background is on Brielstraat near the corner of Tweebruggenlaan in Deinze. The Brielpoort venue would have been directly behind the photographer.