Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Alice Cooper, photo: Marc T

Alice Cooper with python: photo Marc T.

Those two photographs from Alice Cooper were taken in Brussels during the POISON TOUR for the London  magazine New Musical Express in mid 1980s. The interview was done in London but Alice Cooper refused to be photographed during the interview. I had to fly the next day to Brussels to make those two photographs,.as usual the deadline was close and two days after the magazine had to be released. The work conditions in the Brussels venue were terrible and I had only 5 minutes to make the shot during the first song of the show. Security monkeys ( Neanderthal type of short haired motor bikers and or fatty muscle guys with zero IQ, often hired by the concert producers)   were well briefed and after exactly 5 minutes we had to leave the front stage area. The light was extremely bad and on half power. I went inside the crowd a couple of meters behind the front stage and made those photographs as fast as I could. Alice Cooper appeared from behind the stage with this huge python around his neck. Half an hour later after shooting, I was flying back to London with a hired private jet. Next day the pictures appeared in NME.. 
For those photographs I used two Nikon F3 bodies (at that time absolute new and most sophisticated  35mm camera) , one with 35 mm and the second one with 180 mm. Kodak TRI-X 400 pushed up until 1600.. Films were processed at the magazine's lab by my assistant and the prints made by myself at 3 o'clock in the morning..At five in the morning I speeded back to the airport, trying to persuade my girlfriend not  moving to New York...I was not at her birthday party...  I never saw her again and I never listened to Alice Cooper again.

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